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Level Playing Fields

I made this series of work to promote conversation about the 'level playing field' model currently applied in New Zealand education. Over the past five or six years I have noticed big changes in the attitude and ability of students coming through from secondary schools into tertiary design education. There seems to be an apathy towards self motivation and a needyness that smacks of Y generation stereotypical "me" behaviour that requires someone else to do the work and the thinking for them?

That is not to say that all students are like this now, but many lack the confidence and/or the motivation to think... yes think for themselves. They seem to be terrified to have a go and look harder for themselves outside of the google provided filter bubbles online that they are constantly glued to.

My advice to aspiring design students is to get off your computer, get off your chair, go out into the world and observe first hand what is going on around you. Be more politically and environmentally savvy —do something to make a difference, leave your mark.

Enough said.

Level Playing Fields

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