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C words on the street!

Word on the Street a part of NZ book month...

9 March - 6 April 2013 is an installation of literary artworks in the Guyton Street area.

“The C–Word book” is a handcrafted limited edition of six.

This display shows a selection of scaled down photocopies of the hand printed original pages, each inspired by the letter C. The chapters are compiled following the context provided by the centre spread—some of which are contributed by artist friends. This work began in 2011.

The pages are created without any computers, only a typewriter, woodcut, silkscreen printing are used; along with pen and ink. To see the full size chapters please feel free to contact me by email.

As seen here my thanks to contributors:

Pat Cush, Cat burglar, lithograph

Margaret Scott, for letter press help

Adrian Campbell, Carnage, silkscreen

Vivien Lindsay, Cardboard Cathedrals

a woodcut —and last but not least

Marty Vreede and CPCANZ.

C word Book
Word On The Street
Word On The Street

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